Space Capsule

macOS spaces in a grid

Free for 10 days, purchase for ...

Effortless Organization

Put your Space in the right place with the right name

Use the keyboard, cursor, or trackpad to get to the right space quickly


Does Space Capsule require special privileges to work?
  • No special privileges are required, but if you want to use the trackpad gesture to show the grid, the app does need accessibility privileges to receive trackpad input. Space Capsule only uses this privilege to process gesture input and nothing else, and does not retain or transmit any user data.
Why do I need to visit a Space before Space Capsule knows about it?
  • There is no publicly supported way for third party developers to manipulate or know about Spaces in macOS.
  • Space Capsule can uniquely identify and return to a Space that you're on, though, without having to use any private frameworks or unsupported macOS functionality.
Why can't I remove a Space from within Space Capsule?
  • This is another limitation of not being able to manipulate Spaces as a third party developer in macOS.
Can I use Space Capsule to move windows from one Space to another?
  • Unfortunately not. This is another feature that is not publicly supported in macOS for third party developers.